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Women have the right to know: they are now able to reduce risks during pregnancy. Improving pregnancy care overcomes the ordinary consideration. It's all about life.

What does My Baby Size offer?

My Baby Size offers to any mother the most precise & earliest tool for estimating a baby weight & length at birth, allowing early detection for small and big babies. My Baby Size improves the pregnancy care model.

How does it improve the pregnancy care model?

Any mother is now able to know her forthcoming baby's weight, 3 months ahead than today's commonly used method. Moreover, My Baby Size also offers the birth length estimation. Considering this, mothers are in much better conditions to prepare themselves for the due date.

What are the benefits for babies?

Mothers are still facing many risks during pregnancy, especially for small and big babies. My Baby Size helps both mothers and doctors to reduce these risks.

Who stands for it?

Closely implemented with the medical community and approved by the international scientific community in 2012, this innovation was unused since then. Lifted up by women who have experienced hardships during the pregnancy period and men who are involved into improving e-care systems, My Baby Size has decided to deliver this service worldwide.

Can you tell us more about the innovation?

My Baby Size's initiative sources on a 15 years of scientific research upon small and large foetuses. New algorythms emerged from this research, making possible to provide more accurate pregnancy estimations, just by using few data of an ultrasound scan report.

Who we are?

My Baby Size is a private & independant initiative. In-house costs to launch the service online tops $200,000 (still running). We have decided to invest this money because we highly believe in delivering this innovative service straight to those that needed the most: the mothers.

What does My Baby Size need your help for?

By supporting our action you are part of our pregnancy care improvement community.

How can I be helpful?

Support us by spreading the information all around you. You might know among your friends a woman who is or could be pregnant. Be kind and tell her that she is now able to know for free.

What are the 7 main benefits of My Baby Size?

  • Estimation available 3 months earlier than today
  • Provides much more precise estimation than today
  • Extends prediction fields to the size of the baby
  • Helps saving lives threatened by a high-risk pregnancy
  • Reduces the number of scans (low & large foetuses)
  • 100% free
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